Session Leaders

Our session leader program aims to recruit volunteers and provide training to run the various sessions we promote. You will work along side a mentor (a trained Artytime Session Leader) they will lead the session until you wish to take a more active role.

Family Fun Sessions – are simply facilitating a family learning experience aimed at parent/carers with babies and toddlers. Your role would be to ensure everyone feels welcomed and is engaged in the activities on offer. Your training will involve knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS), safeguarding children and a paediatric first aid course. As well as how to layout the room and look for potential Health and Safety issues. Other optional training courses will be offered to help increase your CV for future use.

After school and Saturday Sessions – are simply facilitating a group, in this case an arts and craft session on school premises or in a village hall. Your role would be to encourage the primary children to have their own ideas, you will also show them various art techniques all of which you will be shown in your training or on the website videos.

Once you become an Artytime volunteer you will have access to the Session Leader section of the site.

This is your very own platform to build Artytime’s Session Leader community. The forum will enable you to learn from each other as you post ideas, celebrate successes and ask advice.

You can download ideas and templates to use in your sessions and please let us know if there is something you need that isn’t there.

Opportunities for further training will appear in this section too.